We are pleased to provide the information below on becoming a Licensee of The Art and Creative Materials Institute, Inc. (ACMI).

When an ACMI member private labels a product for a non-member company, and that non-member company wishes to use the ACMI Seal and ASTM D-4236 conformance statement on their own packaging, we refer to this as a "Licensee" situation. Companies who are having their product(s) private labeled by an ACMI member must sign a License Agreement with ACMI because the ACMI Seals are registered trademarks and because the toxicologist's product evaluations are brand name specific and cannot be applied to other unauthorized brand names.

Licensees do not pay any fees directly to ACMI, nor does ACMI bill Licensees. In these cases, the non-member company's product will be added to the ACMI member's list of eligible/certified products, which the member must report U.S. sales figures on for their own membership dues purposes. We leave it up to the ACMI member and Licensee to work out any financial arrangements between them. The ACMI member is aware that they must submit all formula information or additional brand name information(if the product was previously-approved) to the toxicologist on behalf of the Licensee. The toxicologist will send an approval form to the member, who in turn will send a copy of it to ACMI. ACMI will then issue authorization to use the Seal to the member, and a copy of this authorization will be sent to the Licensee. Please keep in mind that the ACMI Seals must not be used on any packaging until written authorization has been received from ACMI. Once authorized, the Licensee's brand name and company name will appear on the listing of ACMI-certified products that is sent to CPSC, schools, art teachers, artists, consumers, etc.

Please review the Licensee Information Packet carefully, particularly the information describing ACMI Certification Program Procedures for Licensees.

Participating in ACMI will provide you with the necessary toxicological evaluation and labeling required, if any, for your products. Having a product made for you by an ACMI member will ensure that you are dealing with a company that is familiar with the Federal law and the toxicological evaluation process and are purchasing a product that will be properly labeled and conforms to ASTM D-4236.

Becoming a Licensee of ACMI also allows your company to fully comply with the Federal labeling law, which requires art and craft material manufacturers to evaluate their products for their ability to cause chronic illness and to place labels on those that do. In addition to being included in ACMI's listing of Certified Products, regular Licensee companies are included in ACMI's membership directory and receive a complimentary subscription to the ACMI newsletter.

If you would like to become an ACMI Licensee, please complete the Licensee Application Form and License Agreement that follows.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the ACMI office.

Best regards,
Barbara W. Weyant, Executive Director
The Art & Creative Materials Institute, Inc.
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