Thank you for your company's interest in joining The Art and Creative Materials Institute (ACMI). Please take a moment to review the information below about the different categories of ACMI membership to determine which category of membership would apply to your company.

Active Membership/Subscriber
Any person, partnership, firm or corporation who subscribes to the Institute's certification program and who actively and regularly manufactures and sells one or more products that qualify for the certification program is eligible for Active Membership. Each Active Member must maintain subscription to the certification program and comply with the Subscription Agreement and the Manual of Procedure. Active Members are entitled to participation in all Institute matters and to any and all benefits accruing from Institute membership. Annual fees for Active Members are based on sales of products eligible for the certification program according to the following formula: 50/100 of 1% for the first two million of U.S. sales of eligible products; then 25.8/100 of 1% for the next three million of such sales; then 13.4/100 of 1% for the next three million; and 10/100 of 1% for the excess.  The minimum dues amount is $1,000 and the maximum dues amount is $50,000.

Apply for Membership

Active Members who manufacture private-label products for others may enter these products in the program as well. The distributors of these private-label products must become Licensees of ACMI, and they must abide by the ACMI procedures for Licensees. When you're ready to apply to become a licensee, click the button below:

Apply to Become a Licensee